P.P.T Protein


-Product developed by applying Super Micro P.P.T Protein, rinse free.

-Can be used daily as a nourishment treatment.

-Returns lost moisture to damaged hair.

-Super Micro Fiber vegetal protein, which is 100 times smaller than ordinary protein can penetrate into hair core, repairing damaged hair.

-Effective Active Silicon can form hair protective mask which moisturizes and nourishes.

-Super micro magnesium proteins, improve strength and elasticity leaving hair silky without living it oily.


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  1. Suitable for short or long hair. After washing or it can be used on daily basis as a treatment product.
  2. Thermal protection and voluminizer for curly hair.
  3. Pre-perm treatment for the damaged hair also recommended for use before straightening perm.
Bottle Size

350ml, 750ml


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